Stone Mountain
Commemorative Half Dollar



PCGS Designation: 145160

Certificate: 04683904

Grade: MS64

Obverse Die:  Double Die (FS-101)

Reverse Die:  Normal Die

Stars: 13/31


Notes:  If PCGS had not already identified this variety then many would pass this coin up because of a lack of eye appeal.  That would obviously be a mistake and points to why we need to always look in more detail.  This coin has die doubling on both the obverse and reverse, and the obverse die is clearly the FS-101 die noted in the Cherrypicker's Guide.


But this coin also has a very telling feature that we are coming to understand as a pick up point to identify the FS-101 coins.  On this coin there is a die crack that starts in the star immediately above Lee's hat brim and runs across the hat and dies out (so far) at the brim.


This feature is not on all FS-101 coins, but most.  You have to be careful because there are a number of similar die cracks that start on the second star and run in the same direction and these are not the right die.


The reverse die has the familiar doubling in the top inside of the F DO letters that is often seen paired with this obverse die.  The coin also has a little deep purple toning on the rim.


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