Stone Mountain
Commemorative Half Dollar



PCGS Designation: 145160

Certificate: 35067641

Grade: MS63

Obverse Die: Double Die Obverse (FS-101)

Reverse Die: Doubled HALF DO and Star

Stars: 13/32


Notes:  This is an interesting coin for a number of reasons.  First the obverse die is the correct one for the major DDO variety.  There is a complete doubling of the date and STONE MOUNTAIN.  The front of the head for Little Sorrel is also doubled.


But the reverse also has some unusual doubling.  There is some doubling on the letters at the bottom of the coin and for the first time we see a double star between HALF and DOLLAR.


Often a reverse die crack appears before the obverse shows any signs.  But on this coin we find no reverse cracks and one crack running vertically through Traveler's head.


All this said, this is a well struck coin for the grade with 32 of the 35 reverse stars.  This level of detail is rare.  But on the obverse Lee's coat shows some loss of detail and the sword hilt is not well struck.